Location: Brockton Commons, Brockton, MA

The Resident Services Coordinator reports to the Property Manager and works in collaboration with the Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager.

Part Time

Major responsibilities include:

  1. Build and Maintain working relationships with service provider partners, contractors and providers to develop an integrated system of education and technology, workforce, employment and economic development, youth recreation and diversion, and family support services to support the continued and long-term success of families residing in the development.
  2. Must have ability to work with budgets. The Resident Services Coordinator will be responsible for developing, maintaining and attracting various additional funding sources to achieve a sustainable resident services program in accordance with program objectives. Funding sources include property operating budget, federal, state, local public grants and private sector contributions
  3. Develop and implement a crisis and early intervention procedure by assessing resident needs and issues identified by property management, helping residents set family and personal development goals and accessing necessary individual and family development programs.
  4. Develop a comprehensive understanding of resident needs and issues (conduct needs assessments, community meetings, etc.) offer residents the opportunity to assist their community and guide them towards appropriate services and resources.
  5. Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of resources (employment, education, social service agencies etc.) available in the community for residents’ benefit.
  6. Be an active member of the property team, working collaboratively with the manager to meet property needs and resolve resident/community issues.
  7. Collect information and document incidents for potential follow-up by property staff and/or residents involved.
  8. Perform other duties related to the Resident Service Program as directed by supervisors.

Other duties may include:

  1. Able to work collaboratively with others in a team environment.
  2. Able to develop effective working partnerships with education, community groups and institutions.
  3. Able to function effectively in an environment with diverse cultures and multiple perspectives and lines of authority.
  4. Must demonstrate a commitment to recognizing residents’ knowledge and experience as a valuable resource.
  5. Able to motivate individuals and groups to actively participate and take leadership in efforts to increase self-determination.
  6. Able to accurately identify/assess resident assets and needs in order to connect them effectively to resources and help set personal goals.
  7. Able to effectively facilitate meetings and community gatherings.
  8. Must demonstrate a high level of verbal, writing and listening skills.
  9. Able to perform basic computer functions using Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet programs.
  10. Must demonstrate a commitment to maintain confidentiality.
  11. Must demonstrate a basic understanding of how to work with people with mental health, disability, substance abuse and legal and financial issues.


  1. Must submit to and pass Corcoran Management Company’s background screening as explained in the employment application.
  2. Must submit to and pass a Drug and Alcohol Screening as explained in the Corcoran Management Company’s Substance Abuse Prevention/Detection Policy.  
  3. Must be able to read, write and communicate verbally in English.
  4. Must wear the appropriate uniform provided for this position.


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